Health Support Worker

Job Title Support Worker - Nursing
Sector / Field All sectors – Hospital, Community and Nursing homes

Essential Criteria

Desirable Criteria

Job Summary

All Sectors

  • Provides a full range of support functions in a ward/departmental/theatre/critical care environment or in the community
  • Assists qualified staff by delivering personal care duties for patients; supervision available
  • Assist patients with all activities of daily living (hygiene, nutrition etc.)
  • Reports patient condition to qualified staff and contributes to updating patient records
  • Full range of manual and clerical duties
  • Required to maintain the orderliness and hygiene and safety of the ward/departmental/patient environment
  • Required to undertake general patient observations
  • Manoeuvres patients safely using aids as appropriate


Education / Qualifications
  • Good general education (up to the minimum age of 15 years)
  • NVQ level II in care OR  at least 6 months experience in the area of the assignment (e.g. Operating Dept. practice for posts in Theatre)
Skills / Abilities
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively (to understand and be understood) in English
  • Basic numeracy
  • Basic literacy
  • Able to respond to patient need such as hygiene, dressing and feeding
  • Good basic hygiene skills (e.g. food handling, hand washing etc.)
  • Punctual and reliable
  • Ability to work with people
  • Ability to follow a clear instruction and feed back to senior staff
  • Able to prioritise and meet deadlines
  • Ability to work as part of a team, as well as on own initiative
  • Caring for people
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Good observational skills, able to take and record blood pressure, temperature, respiration
IT experience
  • At least 6 months experience in a hospital or care environment
  • Housekeeping experience (may be required to undertake housekeeping tasks in certain roles)
  • Taking of general patient observations.
  • Moving and handling of patients, using lifting aids
Experience in the area of the assignment
Knowledge & Understanding
  • Treats patients with respect & dignity
  • Ensures that own actions support equality, diversity, rights and maintain quality
  • Customer care and complaints handling
Job outline
  • As specified at assignment booking
Special Requirements