Company goes e-commerce

Match Options has not been left behind in the advances being made in e-commerce.

Service users can now make bookings, place of vacancies and contact the company online.Likewise, Job seekers can submit their CV's, make enquiries and general contacts online.

The company will also benefit from the e-commerce technology.With its online data Management system, geographical presence becomes secondary and in line with current developments in the industry, it is relocating and repositioning its offices at strategic locations in the United Kingdom.

Issuance of email Payslips and invoices is expected to significantly reduce administration costs to the company.

Paper postage costs £0.35 today per unit. Factor in the cost of labour, and more so when faced with a scenario where customers or workers ask for copy documents of payslips,statements and invoices. With the new online data management system, these queries are just an email address away."

Customers who have received email invoices are happy that, they are also able to approve the same for payment within the shortest of time." it is irritating when we have to move and check back employees who worked many weeks in the past" Jayne one of the customers indicated.

"We like the new system. At least those who worked in the last week can be easily remembered by our senior staff" Jayne continued in her praise for the new company's e-commerce system.