Match Options Partners Essex County Council for LATC

Published: 17/10/2009

Staff briefing1 

Match Options Partners Essex County council as it Creates an innovative Business Model by Forming Essex Cares, a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC).

Essex Cares is one of the Country’s first Local Authority Trading Companies (LATC) for social care services designed to provide flexible service support to people who may require their services

Essex Cares is a newly formed company which commenced trading during July 2009. Essex Cares is an innovative business model created by Essex County Council  to provide services for people requiring care, support and assistance while living in the community.

This business model was hailed by the Guardian newspaper. in an their article "An all-embracing service", as one stop shop for those requiring  care support and assistance  in the community.

"We are happy to be involved with the council as their first point of call for their staffing needs",said Charlotte Mayanja, the Branch manager, Match Options, Colchester office.

Essex Cares offers support to around 10,000 people per year across the county of Essex covering a range of services. These  include Essex Community Support covering Reablement, Sensory Support, Mental Health needs, and day care,  Equipment service countywide  based in Colchester, and the Employment and Inclusion services providing day to day employment and practical support for people with a learning disability. 

 Essex Cares is also looking to develop new services to respond to changing needs and requirements of people who require  support in the county.