Match Options launches an online Interactive Registration Process

Published: 19/07/2014

Match Options has launached an online interactive registration process for new job applications. The process also allows existing eployees to update their details.

Due to the increased uptake of new applicants, the company has now launched an online interactive online registration form.

This form allows applicants to save and proceed with the application at their own pace.The company recognises that applicants are normally busy and would want to revisit the registration process at their own convenience,right where they have an access to the internet.

Previously, applicants had to complete paper application forms, from which details were then manually posted to the company’s online data management system by the recruiting office staff..

The new online registration form will automatically transfer the data to the data management system,hence saving time for the office staff.

Applicants are also able to upload their CVS,Training certficates and ID documents prior to the face-to-face interviews in their local office.

The form also allows new applicants to access the online induction and refresher courses  on the captraining website.

“we are extremely excited with this new facility as it will play a major role in our ongoing Franchising project,that will enable the company to have a wide geographical presence in the country. With a huge database of workers,a way had to be devised to ensure that the company is able to promptly access the right calibre of workers as specified on clients orders.”,said the Purity Kirigo,the Operations Director.