Match Options starts Community Psychiatric Nursing services

Published: 26/05/2014

Match Options has now started supplying all bands of Community Psychiatric Nurses (CPN)  to the Crisis Resolution and Home Treatment Teams and Liaison Psychiatry Mental Health units within the NHS Trusts.

In the United Kingdom a community psychiatric nurse is a psychiatric nurse based in the community rather than a psychiatric hospital. They form an integral part of community mental health teams. They are often patients’ key workers within the NHS mental health system and are often the first port of call for further referrals to psychiatrists, psychotherapists and other mental health professionals. Community psychiatric nurses mainly visit people in their own homes but they also see people in other settings such as GP surgeries or the community mental health team base.

Community psychiatric nurses are fully trained psychiatric nurses who have several years’ experience working in a psychiatric hospital or ward. They also work with the police.

The company is now a leading supplier of CPNs to the Surrey and Patnership NHS Trust and the Berkshire Healthcare Trust, and contineously working to gaining more Trusts in their books.